|Clinical trial

Corpus Medica has joined the phase I clinical trial as a safety partner.

Our pharmacovigilance team will take care of the Investigational New Drug (IND) Safety process and design answers to the specific research questions related to the safety of the medical product.

|Medicines import

Corpus Medica has signed a service agreement with the TecEx for import/export of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) and Medicines for Clinical trials. Our experience in importing medicines from non-EU countries will help sponsors and CRO to manage clinical trials and import of IMP and investigational medicines.

| Support to child welfare center “Shelter”

Corpus Medica has committed to ensuring the prevention of vitamin D3 throughout the year for children affected by the war in Ukraine. We want to help take care not only of their normal functioning of the immunity system or healthy teeth, but also of their psychological state and leisure. Therefore, from each packaging of the brand Oilidin (vitamin D3) sold, we devote part of the funds to creating an emotional environment for children.

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